High School Boys Bible Study: Ephesians

March 4, 2012 — 2 Comments

photo (1)[This post is part of the What Are We Up To In Ministry? series]

In continuing this series, I want to do my best to keep you up to date with all the aspects of it, especially as they develop. Part of what I’m doing in my ministry internship at CrossPointe Church Waterford Lakes is a boys Bible study. Over the rest of this spring semester, we’re working our way through Ephesians about half a chapter each week.

So far, the group is Noah, Tyler, and Collin (R-L) and we’ve been meeting at a local Starbucks after school. I’m actually doing another study at the school I work at (also on Ephesians), but it hasn’t completely gotten off the ground yet (but will by Tuesday!).

I can’t speak completely for the guys, but I’ve definitely enjoyed talking about Ephesians and growing in my own understanding of Paul’s letter as I (hopefully) help them understand it better as well. We end up taking some interesting rabbit trails in our discussions (week before last involved movies that deviate from cookie cutter plots, and the ramifications of time travel). All in all though, I’m helping this will be a great way to build each other up at the body of Christ and considering the public venue, perhaps draw other guys into the group who don’t normally attend church.

I will definitely keep you posted as things develop, but in the mean time, you can be praying that God will be at work in our study and that we will grow in our understanding of his Word and how it applies to our own lives. You can also pray that this group will grow, and that it can be a tool to reach out to the high school community in the area that we are meeting.


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