Halloween Much?

October 9, 2009 — Leave a comment

Is is just me or are more people decorating for Halloween? In Dallas at least it seems to be almost epidemic. Much to all our surprise the seminary has not succumb to this sort of revelry, but they do have a “fall fest” planned just to do something at least.

Maybe I’ve just been oblivious, or maybe its because I don’t believe in Halloween, but it just seems like more people going all out and wasting money on decorating their house/workplace. Some houses are even bordering on pyrotechnical in their theatrics

So I did the only thing I could reasonably do and bought some Halloween Oreos at Wal-Mart for their nostalgic value. They have this of course I didn’t celebrate Halloween when I was younger, but I did notice when the filling in Oreos changed each year, and anticipated the shift to orange.

I guess maybe some people could have a legitimate excuse and claim they are really celebrating All Saints Day, since of course, the best way to represent a saint is a visual display of what they look like now.

Maybe I’ll go around putting nametags on the skeletons like “Irenaeus” or “Augustine” or “Bonaventure” or maybe best of all, “Patrick.”

You know, just to mix the holidays up.

We will see.

The weekend is of course young, so who knows what may come to pass.


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