Good Friday, Christian Conferences, Blog Makeovers

April 22, 2011 — 1 Comment

For Good Friday (and for Easter), I would recommend reading the following:

Unrelated to this weekend, but still highly important to think through is a rather interesting conversation started by Carl Trueman raising questions about Christian celebrity culture, and then offering some thoughts on advertising in relation to mega-conferences.

Thabiti Anyabwile offered a response, to which Trueman offered a rejoinder and more comments.

From there, it gets a little humorous (or for Trueman, humourous) as Thabiti cries uncle, but offers to edit a festschrift in honor of Carl Trueman, to which Trueman responds he would be honored to decline. In the middle of all that, Paul Levy shares a story that relates.

Unrelated to that conversation, but still worth your time:

This was my last week of classes (yes!), so I didn’t really post that much, but I did raise the question of whether Inception attempts inception.

I also made some updates to the blog, mainly yesterday and today. I’m following advice from John Saddington’s (aka TentBlogger) series Developing Great Blog Content That’s Read and Ranked.

I would highly recommend following along if you are a blogger. I’ve already implemented a new theme, deleted all my tags, and refined and focused my categories (which you can read about here). I’ll keep you updated as I do more.

Have a great Easter weekend!


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  1. wow, thanks for the links! make sure you use the newest version of this theme… it fixes the comment section…!


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