ETS Paper 2012: Hollywood, Geneva, and Athens

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So, earlier this year I submitted the abstract for my thesis as a proposal for this years annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. Surprisingly, it was accepted, and I was faced with the prospect of editing it down to a paper that could be coherently presented in 40 minutes or so. I put this off of course until the end of the summer, and I’m somewhat glad I did because I ended up not having the funding to go to the conference. Being that it is in Milwaukee, I would have had to fly and get a room for several nights, and miss work. The school I teach at couldn’t afford to pay for my expenses, and since I didn’t want to pay out of pocket, I’m still here in Florida.

However, I thought I’d at least make the paper available for download so anyone interested can read it: Hollywood, Geneva, and Athens: Toward A Reformed Philosophy of Film.

I wish I could have been there and met some new people as well as reconnected with old. If you’re at ETS, I’d love to hear from your thoughts on other papers. Hopefully next year, either at the southeast regional of the next national meeting, I can actually be there!


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