Dusty the Mole: Oct. 17 – Nov. 23 2012

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A little over a month ago, I noticed a small ball of fuzz making its way down the street across from our driveway. As usual, I investigated and to my surprise, it was a mole (picture above is about actual size).

Given my predisposition to critters, I decided I needed to capture the mole. Shortly after posting this picture online, he was named Dusty (by my wife’s twin sister) and by the end of the day he had a new temporary home in one of our outdoor recycle bins (that wasn’t in use). I filled it half full of dirt and placed a small water dish in there and began the weekly trip to the pet store to get meal worms so Dusty would not starve.

All was well and good. I mean who else do you know that had a mole? I mean like a rodent mole, not the skin blemish. Anyway, I didn’t intend to keep him forever, and was going to transplant him to another area (he’s fine in the recycle bin, but he better not be digging up a mess in the yard) sometime after Amber (the aforementioned twin sister) could see him at Christmas.

Well, unfortunately while we were gone this past week, something ate Dusty for lunch (the horror!). I’m pretty sure this is what happened since a) he didn’t dig out the bottom of the recycle bin and b) he couldn’t get a grip to climb out the top either. I know he didn’t starve since a friend of ours came and fed him mid week. So, sometime between late Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning, some other larger critter found Dusty and had a Thanksgiving meal out of him.

Looking at the bright side, if anyone asks me what’s new, I could always say I just had a mole removed!


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