Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe

January 21, 2013 — 5 Comments


Last night we kicked off our Doctrine class at CrossPointe Waterford Lakes. We had a pretty good turnout, even Voldemort was there judging by the signup sheet (although I distinctly do not remember seeing him). This post is mainly for people in the class, but if that’s not you, feel free to eavesdrop.

We’re using Mark Driscoll’s Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe as a base text. I think it’s one of the more accessible systematics, but I’ll be heavily supplemental with other more sturdy ones, as well as the occasional critique of some of what Driscoll says (which you can find ahead of time if you read my review).

If you’re confused at all last night about triperspectivalism, this post might be useful, as well my various posts on the topic.

I’m going to make this a static page where I add resources and other links, so if you are in the group, I would bookmark it. Or you can keep an eye out in The City, since every time I post something new about the Doctrine class, I’ll post the link there.

I’d really recommend joining the group we have up on The City. If you don’t know how to get up and running on The City, this video is for you. If you do, here’s the group link.

Here’s what the class schedule looks like, as well as links to PowerPoint slides (as they become available):

Keep an eye out in the future on Mondays for the slides from the night before and any other resources that I think should be passed along!


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5 responses to Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe

  1. Hey are you gonna put the rest of your classes up on this site at some point?

  2. Jonathan Roberts March 27, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    Are the other powerpoints available somewhere else?

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