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Last night we continued in Doctrine class, finishing out our section on revelation by focusing specifically on the doctrine of Scripture. We mostly walked through my position paper, which you can download in PDF here: Doctrinal Statement on Scripture.

Since I made that statement, I’ve read, and sometimes reviewed, several very helpful books on the doctrine of Scripture. The best recent work has to be John Frame’s The Doctrine of The Word of God. Beyond that, here’s the books I’d recommend looking into:

In general, I’d recommend books written by Darrell Bock and Vern Poythress. Both are solid evangelical New Testament scholars, the former focusing more on historical Jesus and defending the New Testament canon, the latter focused on inerrancy and harmonization in the Gospels.

When it comes to biblical interpretation, I’ve tried to gather up all my respective posts on the topic into a menu tab. You can check that page out here: Resources for Bible Study

I’m looking to expand on that, as well as other resources for the doctrine of Scripture. If you have any suggestions, shoot them my way!


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