Doctrine: Resurrection

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Had we had class last night, we would have finished covering the resurrection. If you missed the PDF from the post on the cross, here it is again. Here also are my thoughts from the actual book chapter in Doctrine.

I mentioned on The City that I have plenty of posts on the resurrection to fill in the gap. First off though, here are two posts not from me, but that I think you’ll find helpful:

Considering how pivotal the historical claim of the resurrection is for Christianity (it rises and falls on it), it is important for us to know why it’s true. Perhaps the definitive resource on the topic is N. T. Wright’s Resurrection of The Son of God. Last year, I reviewed it section by section:

Most people will be fine just reading my summaries, but if you’re really interested in exploring this topic and/or defending your faith well, you ought to pick up and engage Wright’s work.

Finally, many people may concede the importance of the resurrection, but pragmatically, may not be able to articulate what, if any, difference it makes. If you find yourself in that situation, I’d highly recommend you pick up Sam Allberry’s Lifted: Experiencing The Resurrected Life and Adrian Warnock’s Raised With Christ: How the Resurrection Changes Everything. The former is much shorter and quicker reader but I think does a great job of laying out the practicality of the resurrection. Warnock’s book is a bit longer, but it’s worth digging into as well (especially given the subtitle).

One final thought, the resurrection really is the piece that makes the puzzle complete. The apostles didn’t really understand what the OT was saying about Jesus until after his resurrection. It is not only the historical fact on which all of Christianity hangs, it is the hing on which interpretations of Christ in the OT and Gospels turns. A movie illustration of this is The Sixth Sense, and I comment on that here. It’s not a perfect analogy, but I think it works well. If you’ve got a better one along these lines, let me know!


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