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Like last week, we talked about the Trinity in Doctrine class last night (before the Super Bowl of course). Also like last week, I’ve got a list of links and resources for further study.

If you happened to miss last night, the big attribute of God I hammered on was aseity, and luckily for you I drew much of the discussion from my post Divine Aseity and Prayer. I also have the lecture slides available here as a PDF: Trinity 2.

We also talked about some practical implications that can be drawn from the doctrine of the Trinity. Specifically we talked about sex and the Trinity (you should have been there), and the difference between Trinitarian and unitarian worship. For the latter, here are two posts and book recommendation:

Speaking of books, here are some I’d recommend if you’d like to do additional reading on the doctrine of God, specifically in terms of the attributes of God and the history of the doctrinal development:

There are of course volumes more, but these are ones I’ve either a) read and reviewed recently and found helpful or b) ones that were very formative in my understanding.

When it comes to some additional practical applications drawn from Trinitarian thought, I don’t think you can do any better than the recent works of Vern Poythress:

Poythress is fairly readable and I’ve found his books to be very stimulating reads. They can be a bit repetitive at times, but the insights make it worth hanging with him.

Lastly, the two historical figures who’ve shaped by Trinitarian understanding are Jonathan Edwards and John Owen. Some of that was because I did an independent study in their Trinitarian thought while in seminary. But, I wouldn’t have picked them if they hadn’t already exerted some early influence in my thinking. If you’re up for it, you can my concluding paper from that class by clicking here: Trinity in Owen and Edwards.


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