Doctrine: Cross

March 25, 2013 — Leave a comment


Though not originally scheduled, because I was in town we had Doctrine class last night. What I went through in PowerPoint form was adapted from a PDF I made last year called The Person and Work of Christ. That itself was a condensed and rearranged form of Robert Peterson’s book Salvation Accomplished by The Son: The Work of Christ. I would recommend that book to everyone, but since many people do not have the patience for a 600 page book, I made the shortened PDF to guide you through the passages that Peterson exegetes.

In addition, you might find my series on the atonement from a few years ago good reading during holy week:

Though part of my larger review series on N. T. Wright’s Christian Origins and The Question of God, this post on The Story of Easter makes for good stand alone reading. A few other books that I’d recommend on the subject are:

That should be enough to keep you busy. This week isn’t really about reading, but reading is very useful this week as it moves you to reflect on the cross and resurrection and moves you to worship.


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