Details Matter…Or Do They?

October 28, 2013 — Leave a comment

Typically, as I’ve reviewed books, I’ve included a handy section called “Book Details.” Taken from my template, here’s what a blank one looks like:

Book Details

  • Author: 
  • Title: 
  • Publisher
  • Paperback:
  • Reading Level: 
  • Audience Appeal: 
  • Gratis Review Copy: Yes (courtesy of

Purchase Info

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As I’ve taken somewhat of a step back from a frantic pace of book reviewing, I’ve thought about ways I can streamline the process. One such way is to just link to the book description on the publisher’s webpage and let you click thru to get the details there. I would do this in conjunction with a more formal bibliographic detail before the review.

You know, the thing that looks like this:

Author Name. Book Title. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year. Pages. Book Type, Price.

Instead of Purchase Info getting a heading, I’ll just add a Buy link for Amazon and Westminster (if applicable). If you buy through my affiliate links, you’re just ensuring that I get buy more books later.

Anyway, the idea behind this is that I think I actually spend more time than is really useful putting together and filling out the book description, when it is already on Amazon or the publisher’s website and I can just direct you there. I could even send you a direct link to the table of contents, since if you’re like me, that’s what you look at on Amazon when you’re checking out a book.

Having said all this, I’d like any feedback you have as far as what kind of details I should include.

What matters to you?

I’m assuming you read my reviews mainly for my reviews, but what kind of details do you find essential and would feel like I’m been lax if I do not include on a review post?

Anything creative you’d like me to start including that I’m not?

Aside from the review content, what would make a review post better (or worse)?

Let me know your thoughts, and look for a bit more blogging activity in the coming weeks (including some substantive reviews!)


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