Day 21

August 15, 2008 — 3 Comments

Watch out Texas

So I’m back in Knoxville finally. At first I started getting excited when I noticed more and more TN license plates.

But then I was like “Oh yeah.”

Later on the next morning when I was sitting at the old Starbucks readings and enjoying the almost Autumn like weather I kept noticing more and more cars with Big Orange T’s and other such car decals.

I started to say to myself, “Man there sure are a lot UT* fans around here.”

But then I was like “Oh yeah.”

Anyway, sometimes being at home can be like a mind drain. While Florida, and oddly enough road trips to upstate New York can have a rather rejuvenating effect, sometimes being home for extended periods can lead to mental and spiritual lethargy.

Some of that may have to do with the fact that lethargy was the general state I was in at home before I left for Word of Life this time 5 years ago.

Talk about full circle, but then again, that’s just one of the many ways irony seeps into my life.

For instance, this time last year (mid August) I couldn’t wait to leave Knoxville for Dallas and did so on Monday of this week in 07.

This year, I couldn’t wait to get out of Dallas, not because it was bad, but it was time for a change of scenery) and after and extended week in Florida, found myself returning to Knoxville on Monday of this past week, almost a year to the day of my initial departure.

Also, how weird is it to only see your home during certain specific times of year? In my case, those are late summer, Thanksgiving/Christmas, and early Spring.

You find yourself depending on the trees to get your bearings, as they are either in full green, just dead, or about to bloom again.

This of course is one way in which Florida is superior as the landscape is always alive and gives you no hints which month it is in paradise, but I’d rather not digress too far into what I’ve had to depart from.

Moving on…

It seems like there was much more intended for this post when I started thinking it out on Tuesday. Unfortunately since then, I’ve been a bit scatterbrained, but the fight for clarity is back in full force and will continue until the transition back to Dallas and the fall semester is underway.

Sorry, that wasn’t really moving on, it was more rehashing.

Moving on for real…

I started reading The Shack (oh snap!) yesterday. I’m sure I’ll let you know what I think of the philosophy Mr. Young is trying to persuade us of through his literary endeavor. I’m just now getting up to the part where Mack goes to the Shack (where hopefully no Dr. Suessery occurs)

So far, one thing I have noticed.

Whether or not you like The Shack, that is one thing, but just after reading the first chapter, I thought about looking up Mr. Young’s address in order to mail him a copy of Strunk & White’s Elements of Style, so that his future writings might not be so poorly constructed and unnecessarily wordy.

So there you go, point number one, whether or not you like what The Shack says, from a literary perspective, its not a very well written book. If you want to know why, read Elements of Style for yourself, or something more readable like Stephen King’s On Writing (the second half, not the first half which is mainly autobiographical).

While this may seem like an ad hominem attack on both a book and an author, I didn’t say anything yet about the message of the book. I am merely pointing out that when someone speaks of how good The Shack is, its mainly an emotional response to the content, not a declaration of fact concerning the structure and nature of the book itself.

Maybe its too easy to see through this facade of a plot Mr Young is using to set up a story that can explicate his views on God, but it is not a well conceived of story and it is thus far not well put together grammatically or structurally.

However, I’m just 100 pages or so into it, so we’ll see how my thoughts progress as I read, but I thought it might be more manageable in bite sized pieces.

And now I’m bored with this blog and have lost any further trains of thought so that makes me think it might be lunch time.

Until next time.

*When I say UT, I am referring to the University of Tennessee, which is the original UT, having been founded in 1794, long before the Republic of Texas had become a state (in case you were wondering, University of Texas was founded in 1883 almost a century later). Anyway, if it were not for 30 or so Tennessee Volunteers (including Davy Crockett) that ventured down to the Alamo at San Antonio and not only fought valiantly to the death but subsequently inspired others to pick up their arms and fight for freedom, well Texas might still be part of Mexico. Nobody sent more volunteers to down to the Alamo than Tennessee, so basically, Texas, you owe us one. Hang your hook on that you silly Longhorns.


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3 responses to Day 21

  1. dude,
    i totally love your views on things. they’re like mine except i use different word usage… im learning to expand my vocabulary,lol. but what is the shack, is it an allagorical book, or what? kepp me updated man. i really listen and respect your input and opinion

  2. A silly Texas girl. August 15, 2008 at 8:03 pm

    Hook ’em.

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