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March 11, 2010 — Leave a comment

Just once, I’d like to overhear some business professionals at Panera saying what they really mean.

Or at least dropping some of the formalities in their conversations.

“Hey there Bob, sorry I’m late, I just didn’t make getting here a priority this morning.”

“Well Jim, that’s more or less what I’d expect from someone as devoid of motivation as yourself.”

“Hey thanks, you know that means a lot coming from the man who ran his wife and kids off with his overbearing work ethic, thanks for recognizing my less then modest aspirations to success.”

“Is this meeting going to be as much of a waste of my time as the last one?”



You know just something like that.

I know it’s probably unrealistic to expect brutal honesty, but I’ve been spending a lot more time at Panera these days (since the view from my current office is less than exhilarating), so when I eavesdrop (which I do often, sometimes on purpose, sometimes because the banter invades my earbuds), I expect a certain entertainment value to the conversations that has just been missing so far.

Just once, something like a “Well don’t you look like you were hit by a bus this morning, what’d you do, wake up on the wrong side of the room?” would be nice.

Maybe a “I gotta be honest, I wasn’t listening to anything you’ve just said because I was thinking about this gal I took out for a good time last night,” might shake things up a bit.

This is all probably wishful thinking, but hey, it’s not too much to hope for a business casual conversation to have some spice to it, is it?

You’re right, it is.


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