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Herbert W. Bateman IV has done us all a huge favor. Especially if you teach or preach, you’ll want to pick up a copy of Charts on The Book of Hebrews. In it, Bateman offers over 100 different charts across 4 separate categories:

  • Introductory Considerations
  • Old Testament and Second Temple Influences
  • Theology
  • Exegetical Matters

In most of these, Bateman is synthesizing data from his own close study of the book. Elsewhere, he very helpful offers charts that show the viewpoints of the major commentators. So for example, the first 7 charts show both the history of thought on the authorship of Hebrews, as well as what pretty much every commentator has suggested for the writer of Hebrews. This kind of historical and contemporary consideration also comes into play for the charts on destination, recipients, date, and genre.

If you remember from my review of Jesus The Messiah, Bateman took the helm for navigating through the Second Temple literature. That comes in very handy with a book like Hebrews, where he offers 8 charts just on Second Temple Messianic figures as it relates to Hebrews. This goes along with his charts on general Old Testament quotes and allusions, the tabernacle and other elements of the Jewish cultic system, and the Second Temple Priesthood. In studying a book like Hebrews, these kinds of charts are invaluable.

The final sections offer charts on the Godhead, theological themes, words of exhortation, interpretive issues, text critical issues, figures of speech, and important words in Hebrews. Also, very helpfully there is a section at the end of the charts with brief notes on each chart that cross reference between the charts and point readers to additional resources. All this together makes Charts on The Book of Hebrews an excellent resource, and one that I would highly recommend to both pastors and teachers, as well as curious and inquisitive Bible readers. The former will get the most mileage, but the for the average Bible reader, there is much interpretive insight to be gleaned from these charts.

Book Details

  • Author: Hebert W. Bateman IV
  • Title: Charts on The Book of Hebrews
  • PublisherKregel Academic (November 28, 2012)
  • Paperback: 272pgs
  • Reading Level: Most are general reader accessible, but many are aimed at Bible school students
  • Audience Appeal: Anyone who loves a good chart and wants to dig deeper into Hebrews
  • Gratis Review Copy: Yes (courtesy of Kregel Academic)

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