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0825429366On Tuesday, I told you about Herbert W. Bateman IV’s Charts on The Book of Hebrews. In a similar fashion, Lars Kierspel (former SBTS prof, former dept. chair biblical studies at Trinity College and Theological Seminary) offers readrs Charts on The Life, Letters, and Theology of Paul. Though he cannot go as in depth on any one letter like Bateman did with Hebrews, Kierspel still covers a lot of ground, and provides 111 charts on Paul.

The breakdown for the charts is across four sections:

  • Paul’s background and context (9 charts)
  • Paul’s life and ministry (25 charts)
  • Paul’s letters (43 charts)
  • Paul’s theological concepts (34 charts)

For anyone interested in Paul and his theology, these charts are a must have. Similar to Bateman’s book, Kierspel offers readers notes at the end of the chart section that provide more information, cross references, and additional resources.

I’m finding that as I teach New Testament to 10th graders, and am actually currently finishing up a section on Paul’s letters, these charts are a very useful tool. While much of them are probably irrelevant to that demographic, the fact that Kierspel offers overview charts on each of Paul’s letters came in very handy. Likewise, having Paul’s missionary journeys charted is a plus, as is having relevant information on each of the cities Paul wrote to.

Maybe I’m just a fan of charts, but both this work and Bateman’s I think I’ll be consulting for years to come. Students of Paul will do well to add this work to the their collection, as will teachers and pastors working through any or all of Paul’s letters. There is enough information here to satisfy to the seminary students with a knowledge of Greek and enough non-Greek to help the average reader get a better picture of who Paul was and what he taught in Scripture.

Book Details

  • Author: Lars Kierspel
  • Title: Charts on The Life, Letters, and Theology of Paul
  • PublisherKregel Academic (November 14, 2012)
  • Paperback: 288pgs
  • Reading Level: Most are general reader accessible, but many are aimed at Bible school students
  • Audience Appeal: Anyone who loves a good chart and wants to dig deeper Paul’s theology and letters
  • Gratis Review Copy: Yes (courtesy of Kregel Academic)


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