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While I could just list the categories here, you’ll probably find it more helpful to see them organized triperspectivally. “Triperspectivally?” you may ask. Yes, as an extension of Calvin’s munus triplex, John Frame’s triperspectivalism can be used to look at different types of leaders in the church as either primarily prophets, priests, or kings. I could explain how you know which one is your strong suit, but looking at how my categories are laid out below, you can probably figure it out for yourself.




There is also a category for Weekly Updates, which are essentially miscellaneous posts.

You may find yourself interested in categories in more than one division. That’s perfectly normal since clearly I write on topics in all three divisions, some more than others. For instance, the Priestly division has the fewest categories, but it also has the category with the most posts in it (Practical Theology).

Likewise, I have the most total posts in the Prophetic division, but my masters thesis is on two topics i n the Kingly division (Pop Culture and Theology & Triperspectivalism).

All of this is to say, this just seemed like a helpful way to split up my writing categories, and also to give you an idea of what you’ll find most interesting. It is also a way to make my categories more specific and targeted rather than simply broad categorizations. They’re still somewhat broad, but the new ones are more to the point in their focus.

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