Catan, Clif Bars, and Commentary on Life in General

September 28, 2012 — 2 Comments


Every now and then, I make a top 10 list. It’s inherently random, and can include just about anything (think like Bryan Allain’s Monday Soup). As part of the existential turn, here’s my current top 10:

Playing Settlers of Catan on my iPad

Ok, so I was aware of Settlers of Catan back in Dallas. I just never got around to playing it until Ivan got all jazzed up about it. It takes a minimum of 3 players to play…or you can get the app for your iPad and play 2-3 computer players (who are total jerks by the way). I don’t play a ton of games on my iPad, but when I do, I’m probably playing Settlers.

Coconut Chocolate Clif Bars

I’m a big fan of Clif Bars. They were my go-to snack during seminary for class times, and now they are becoming part of my diet again. This is especially true since they added a new flavor that makes them taste like Girl Scout samoas. This blog post is even being metabolically sponsored by one as we speak.

Picking up used volumes in the NICOT series

Now that I’m actually a Bible teacher, I’ve been taking stock of what commentaries I have on hand. My general goal is to get at least 2 commentaries on each book of the Bible. One needs to be more technical, while I’d like the other to be more pastoral or even devotional. The volumes in the NICOT series tend to fall in the sweet spot of having sufficient technical data, but incorporating devotional insights. If you head over to, you’ll see they have many volumes that rank #1 or #2 overall.

However, they’re usually pretty expensive to get a hold of. That is, unless you stalk Amazon, or you happen to have a sweet used bookstore down the street from your school. I’ve done both, but so far, thanks to Brightlight Books, I haven’t paid more than $20 for any of these volumes I’ve gotten, and they’re all in excellent shape:

There are several more I’ve got my eye on, but I’ve got to pace myself (so like one a week or something like that).

Teaching Bible instead of science

Speaking of teaching the Bible, I’ve really enjoyed this year so far. I’ve got great students and I’m actually getting to teach a subject I naturally study and enjoying teaching. Its helping me clarify by understanding of the both the Old and New Testaments, and hopefully, I’m helping the students learn as well. Basically its a win-win for everyone.

Our new sun porch

[See above picture]

My new workspace

Along with that new reading porch (for casual reading), Ali had the brilliant idea of putting a small desk and bookshelf by the end of the couch in our new living room. That way, say on Saturdays, I can sit a desk and do grading or some other desk-related activity (more intensive pen-in-hand reading) while also having college football on. Or, during week nights, Ali could be relaxing and watching TV, and rather than me being tucked away in an office or in the other room, I can be right there getting done whatever I need to get done.

If you’re keeping score, this makes (2) win-wins.

Scale the Summit

No top 10 is complete without music, and for a while now, I’ve been jamming both of Scale the Summit’s most recent releases. Since talking about music is like dancing about architecture, you can just listen for yourself here:

Having NFL Sunday Ticket

Living in Florida definitely has its perks if you’re already a Miami Dolphins fan. However, occasionally, the powers that be in your area may decided other NFL games are more important for the viewing audience. If your like my wife, and happen to be a Washington Redskins fan, then you’re even less likely to be able to see your game on any given Sunday.

But, if you’ve recently signed up for DirecTV, then you have NFL Sunday Ticket and can watch whatever game you want on Sunday afternoons when you’re grading papers you meant to grade on Saturday afternoon but got distracted from and never finished (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything).

Living right next to Planet Fitness

Not only do we really like our new house, and really like living in Oviedo, we also live right by the gym we used to have fight 20-30 minutes of traffic to get to. Now, its so close, I can get to the gym and realize I forgot my headphones, and comfortably drive the 3 minutes back home to retrieve them. A month ago, if I had driven all the way up to the gym without the headphones, I would have just gone home and not come back (the music is pretty intolerable in pretty much every gym everywhere).

Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse

Lastly, since mid-summer, we’ve made it almost a Sunday lunch ritual to go to Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse. For $8.99 you get an all-you-eat buffet that has a typical buffet items you’d expect, but also has a hibachi station where you can get unlimited cheap Benihana style cuisine. If you’re gonna go out to eat Sunday after church, a buffet is a great choice since it naturally leads to a nap and/or testing the cushions of the couch for comfort while watching the NFL game of your choice.


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  1. This is great, really enjoy hearing how you guys are doing in Florida. That website for the commentaries is pretty sweet, I’ll have to check it out.

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