Most of us have come across those evangelicals who, in reaction to the Religious Right, like to parade the fact they they vote Democratic in a kind of schoolboyish “Aren’t I naughty?” kind of way. It’s often an empty gesture, a kind of theological vegetarianism; vegetarians do something that costs them nothing, but my, oh my, does it not make them feel morally superior to the rest of us. So many of the evangelical intelligentsia have bought the concerns of the New Left, with its nebulous and psychologized notions of oppression, which allow for many a “right on” gesture that costs them nothing.

For someone like me, here lies the heart of the problem of the New Left: once the concerns of the Left shifted from material, empirical issues – hunger, thirst, nakedness, poverty, disease – to psychological categories, the door was opened for everyone to become a victim and for anyone with a lobby group to make his or her issue the Big One for this generation. “Authenticity” and “inauthenticity” are entirely subjective categories, and forms of oppression are thus whatever the oppressed person claims them to be. This is why the media outrage that greets a perceived racist or homophobic comment often far outstrips that which greets scenes of poverty and famine, and it is what leads the like of Richard Rorty to compare the Holocaust of the Jews in the 1930s and 1940s to the treatment of homosexuals in America and to do so with an apparently straight face.

– Carl Trueman, Republocrat, 15, 17

Carl Trueman’s Problem With The New Left


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4 responses to Carl Trueman’s Problem With The New Left

  1. To be younger is to, almost ipso facto, advocate an alternative, naughty or not, if you are thinking at all about a subject. The question is, what kind of alternative. Hitler advocated an alternative to the weak Weimar Republic. “What kind of alternative” is an important question!

  2. Wow! Trueman is always so wonderfully and insightfully pointed. Thanks for sharing the quote!

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