Buckeyes and Backseats

January 9, 2008 — 2 Comments

Its finally time to resurrect the bulletin point blogs.

Quick note, the new Radiohead is amazing, so the first album you purchase this year should be In Rainbows

It was really nice when I got back to Dallas, smelled like spring even. But that changed rather quickly.

I did a lot of reading over break, none of it having anything to do with school.

Because that’s what breaks are for right? Either that or sleeping, but honestly, who does that?

So I think I’m going to use this blog primarily for narratives about my life past and present (but not future) rather than serious conversation (which can be read elsewhere).

We’ll see how this works with the simultaneous idea of going back to bullet blogs.

Its a little known fact that the Cincinnati airport is actually in Kentucky.

I suppose they ran out of space in Ohio for it.

Which seems odd if to think if you’ve ever experienced Ohio like I have, an experience including but not limited to vast empty spaces, as well as the back of a patrol car.

Apparently Cedarville is in a rather small town, and happens to have to security that takes note of strange vehicles cruising on to campus late at night.

Or maybe it had to do with being the week after the shootings at Virginia Tech.

At any rate,  I was picked up by the campus police.

Who apparently had not had many people incarcerated in the backseat, because the officer instructed me to get out when we got to the appropriate dorm I was supposedly staying at.

To which I replied “These doors don’t open from the inside.”

At this point one should note that the conversation had fortunately been less than serious up to this interchange.

Unless being told about how cold Minnesota is during winter is serious business.

But one should also note, I had just met the guy whose dorm I was crashing at, and he had decided to go to bed in the interval between my arrival and subsequent departure to retrieve my personal items from the car.

Enter stage right campus police officer banging on dorm room (while holding my license, which incidentally bears no resemblance to me currently) of sleeping guy who barely knows me, but must now vouch for me.

Cutting to the chase, it all ended with awkward laughter and talk of an underwear fire a few nights previous.

Then I slept on a random couch in dorm full of guys I didn’t know and didn’t bother to introduce myself to.

But again, it was coming up on finals week, and I don’t really think anyone cared too much.

So there you have it, Ohio in a nutshell, the rest is just crudely paved interstates and the statue of touchdown Jesus just north of Cincinnati (google it).

Oh, and apparently they have a college football team incapable of competing in a real conference like the SEC.

But really, who wants to talk about football?

There was a really sweet indie band in the late 90’s called American Football, everyone should find their self titled CD.

So now that’s two CD’s you need to find.

I better let you go so you can get on that.

Try Amazon.

You know, the website?

Not the rainforest. Or at least what’s left of it after the vegetarians get done with it.

But I digress…


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I'm an avid reader, musician, and high school Bible teacher living in central Florida. I have many paperback books and our house smells of rich glade air freshners. If you want to know more, then let's connect!

2 responses to Buckeyes and Backseats

  1. well I must say, “what a shock!”

    I was listening to American Football on the most genius of websites (www.pandora.com)

    Just to see you talking about this very same band or group if you will.

    So, I am writing you instead of writing two theology papers, one on Joshua and the other on Judges.

    I miss you. The real world/college is tough.

    Being away from WOLBI has proved enjoyable yet challenging.

    I am finding it hard to realize that touching people is ok.

    On nother note, what happened with women? I am a gentlemen as you know.

    But today I walked to open a door on two occasions and a girl opened.

    I stand there and grab the door for the lady, she responds “go ahead” I say “sorry, you go”, she responds yet again but a little harsher “no go ahead”.

    Finally I win the horrific endeavor with only my left lung punctured.

    Women are a prom ante force here at PBU, I have not really made any close guy friends.

    I look at this week in our chapels its “spiritual emphasize week” that alone should sum it up

    I know I am not perfect, but really the guys/the boys/ us brosephs need to step it up

    I am starting with myself, and maybe, if the Lord tarries, I will have some followers or companions of funness

    all in all, we must talk seeing I have not talked to you in a long, as they say in the music bizz, measure.


  2. also check out these guys: Citrus

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