Brewing Bold

March 4, 2010 — Leave a comment

I watched the sun rise this morning in my side mirror on the way to Panera to get work done/see Ali.

Thanks to air quality here in Dallas it was a very large glowing orb at first and then shrunk to normal size as I crested a hill and the angle changed.

Mornings like this make me miss working at Starbucks.

Maybe not Starbucks in general, but Starbucks at Turkey Creek, and specifically the opening shift.

I guess I didn’t realize how great I had it working there until I started working at Starbucks here in Texas.

What a nightmare.

I think I will always look back on my time there in Knoxville, living at home at finishing college while working at Starbucks with fond memories.

It was a pretty significant turning point in my life at least and I enjoyed the ride while it lasted.

All of this is not to say I don’t thoroughly enjoy where I am now, but I do miss those days.

And of course when I drive by North Park mall’s empty parking lot, I want to suddenly do a green sweep.

But I imagine that would not be quite the same.

And it would take forever.

I should probably get to studying…


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