Books Awaiting Review: You Pick What’s Next

November 12, 2012 — 8 Comments

Every now and then I find myself with a short stack of books ready for review. Usually I’ve got some kind of plan for the sequence, but today, I decided to deviate from the plan. Part of this is because I didn’t feel like putting together the review I had slated for today, and part of it is because I’m going to be out next week and am decided whether or not to pre-author any posts to fill the week.

I do have a review that I have to publish this week as part of a blog tour (and it includes a giveaway!), but here’s the books that I’ve read enough to have formulated review thoughts in my head (but just haven’t typed them out yet):

With the commentaries, I’m thinking I’ll combine the reviews of Ephesians and Galatians as well as the reviews of Matthew and Luke. Part of this is because much of what I said about the layout and style of James (ZECNT) applies to these volumes as well. The other part is because in these cases I’m reviewing these volumes as commentaries on those particular books and plotting where they lay on the map respective to other commentaries. Given the size of the Matthew and Luke volumes, a thorough review is outside my ability to produce in any kind of reasonable amount of time. I can though tell you, after giving them a thorough browsing (which is what you do with reference works), whether or not I think you should add them to your library.

So, looking at this digital book stack, what should I review next?


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8 responses to Books Awaiting Review: You Pick What’s Next

  1. Hi,
    I think the ZECNT are a great series but I think in each series there are standout volumes, just like the pillar and BECNT series and others. I would find it hard combining
    reviews. All the best.

  2. I’d be interested in your thoughts on “Four Views on The Apostle Paul,” in both terms of pure review as well personal commentary on each view.

  3. Wow… tough choice. Your review on the Four Views on Paul would be interesting to see, as well as on Beale’s handbook. I’m interested in getting those Gal/Eph commentaries eventually, so I’d love to see your thoughts on them too…. Those are my votes (in that order)!

  4. How are the reviews going? Will they be out before christmas.

    • Steve,

      Everything sans the ZECNT books will be up before Christmas. I might get to Matthew before the year is out, but otherwise the remaining volumes are my 2013 list and hopefully I can knock out one a month over the winter/spring.


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