Book of the Week: The Evolution of Adam

January 23, 2012 — Leave a comment

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Conveniently, the book this week is Peter Enns newest one, The Evolution of Adam. It provides a nice follow up to last week’s book (which is far more rigorous when it comes to Genesis) and will no doubt probably prove to be as much if not more controversial than his Inspiration and Incarnation (at least among evangelicals). My 3rd and 4th semester Hebrew classes, as well as the doctoral seminar in ANE literature deconstructed his approach to OT hermeneutics rather convincingly, but I still want to continue to listen to him and hear him out on important matters because he seems to be very astute on some things.

This book will help continue my studies in Genesis and human origins for my biology class and help give me more material to filter down to some of my students so they’re exposed to a variety of perspectives. Enns is a theistic evolutionist and heavily involved with Biologos and I expect this book will reflect that perspective. While his perspective is very different from mine, I’m hoping I can learn from Enns in the midst of what I can already tell is going to be a rather critical review.

I think the traditional paradigm concerning Adam does need to be tweaked a bit, but not so much on the basis of supposed scientific findings, but rather along lines proposed by Henri Blocher in Original Sin. That’s probably a conversation for another time though, so for now, I’ll dive into Enns book and see what I think.


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