The concept of idolatry pervades the Scriptures and has numerous applications and echoes in modern life, but it is lost on most people today as we don’t consider ourselves idolaters since we have moved beyond such primitive things. This series then will look at the pictures of idolatry in modern life, the roots of idolatry, the Biblical teaching on the topic, and a path to change for those who struggle with it (that is to say for those people who currently have a pulse). The paradigm shift that will hopefully occur is that people will start to see how they are constantly worshiping something or someone and even professing Christians rarely worship God more than they worship themselves. I am preaching to myself, but hopefully others who listen in will find it illuminating and motivating. Idolatry is the root of all other sin, and as everyone is a sinner, either hopelessly lost or in various stages of recovery, everyone is an idolater to one degree or another.

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