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September 21, 2011 — 1 Comment

As part of my trek through BlogX, I’m rearranging how I do blog series. Rather than have a landing page with descriptions of each of the series, I’m going to make a post for each series which will function like a table of contents and be updated as the series moves along.

This is what has already been happening on my blog series page, but this way you’re introduced to a new series via RSS and can access the table of contents much easier than if it were a static page. If you’re browsing the site, you’ll still be able to navigate to the table of contents page, but the landing page will now just have links to table of contents pages.

So you can see everything we’re working through, I’ll roll out several series posts over the next couple of days. What I’d like from you is feedback on which ones you’d like to see continued and in those, what you’d like to see discussed.

Since I don’t have much room for a new series with the others already going on, you’re going to help me determine which ones to focus on. Some are mostly done, others have plenty of room for growth. Keep your eyes out over the next couple of days for what I’ve got and let me know what you think!


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