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According to their website, Baker Academic

serves the academy and the church by publishing works that further the pursuit of knowledge and understanding within the context of Christian faith. Building on our Reformed and evangelical heritage, we connect authors and readers across the broader academic community by publishing books that reflect historic Christianity and its contemporary expressions. Our authors are scholars who are leaders in their fields, write irenically, and display a healthy respect for other perspectives and traditions. Our goal is to publish books that are notable for their inherent quality and deemed essential reading by students and scholars.

We produce primary and supplementary textbooks, reference works, and scholarly monographs that extend the academic conversation to a range of readers, from students to experts on the cutting edge of research. Our main areas of focus include biblical studies, theology, ethics, cultural studies, and church history. We also publish textbooks on Christian education, mission, and ministry as well as integrative works in a variety of liberal arts disciplines, such as literature, communication, philosophy, and psychology.

I’ve recently been able to establish a reviewing relationship with them and have really enjoyed it so far. My contact with them works with both Baker Academic and the Brazos Press imprint so there are reviews from both below, as well as Baker Books (which is the larger publishing house of which the other two are imprints) Here’s the rundown of completed and upcoming book reviews:



  • Justification and The Gospel
  • Spiritual Formation in Emerging Adulthood
  • The Theology of Augustine
  • Christian Philosophy


  • None at the moment, but there’s some good titles coming soon!

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