August Editorial

August 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

July is now in the record books, and that means summer is almost over. If you’re keeping score at home, I’ve officially been married now for 3 years today (well, as of 230pm if you’re getting technical). Staff training at school started yesterday, and continues today and tomorrow. A trip Tennessee is on the horizon for this coming week. And then back for orientation and school will follow closely after that.

Looking at all that, I may not blog quite as much as I did over July. I certainly won’t blog any more, but I may surprise even myself. I’ve already got most of the posts scheduled out, and I’ve got (as usual) some really great book reviews coming up. I also am planning a short series on building a theological library, and more likely than not, I’ll probably have something to say about The Dark Knight Rises.

Speaking of movies, I’ve added a movie page to compliment the book reviews tab and that will hopefully keep growing over the fall. If you’re in RSS click thru to see the link on the navigation bar.

July Digest

Rather than give you the top posts, I thought I’d represent all of the posts, but organized by type. I’m basically working with 4 kinds of posts right now:

Book Reviews

How-To Posts


Cultural Commentary

Free Books This Fall

That’s right. As you probably read on Monday, I’m already starting my first giveaway. Ideally I’m going to shoot for giving away one book each month that I review. I’ve already got the next two months figured out, and it won’t be long until I nail down the final three. I may expand the giveaways, but for now, look forward to one opportunity a month to win a reviewed book.

10 Crossway eBooks For 70-80+% Off

I’m not sure why more people haven’t noticed this, but over at Monergism, they have great selection of eBooks. Specifically, they’ve got a great collection of Crossway eBooks and none of them for more than $7.79. For many, this is a a considerable discount off the list price for a hard copy of the same book. So, when you’re talking about a book like God is Love (list $40), getting an eBook for $7.79 is a steal.

Here’s the 10 best deals I found (as compared to Amazon’s prices):


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