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A couple of years ago at this time, I worked through a series of posts on the atonement. I need to probably go back and revisit some of the content for my Second Thoughts series, but first I needed to unify the posts onto a series landing page.

So, here are my two year old thoughts on the atonement, most of which come from John Owen, John Calvin, and a book called Pierced for Our Transgressions. I initially intended to clarify the nature and extent of the atonement. Using John Owen’s The Death of Death in the Death of Christ (a book I still haven’t successfully finished), I started into an exploration of the whole limited vs. unlimited atonement debate. I think I got sidetracked somewhere in there, and clarified my thinking on the matter, but still didn’t come to a definitive conclusion. Although, you can read these posts for yourself and tell me what you think. There are certainly some discussion starters in here.

It wasn’t too long into the series that I decided against limiting the discussion to Owen (which was ultimately a good thing) and so this series isn’t quite as neat and tidy as one might like. But, I think you’ll find a good resource for material related to the atonement and for better understanding the work of Christ on our behalf as we approach Easter.

In all of these, I think the last four posts are the strongest, and what you’ll probably find the most helpful. I think the post on Calvin is helpful as well, but is by no means a final word on the matter. Also, in some of these, I sound kind of like a jerk in the comments. Such is the nature of a series of blog posts written by a third seminary student (back when I knew everything). You do see glimmers of hope here and there, but I certainly came across harsher than I would now.


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