Apple Bombs

March 8, 2010 — Leave a comment

San Antonio was great, although I would like to go back when (1) the sun is shining and (2) most of the trees are not dead.

We had a good little weekend getaway and plan on doing so more often.

Road trips, as always are good for the soul.

One thing that I read about while doing some reading there, and will have to try at some point when getting arrested is not a threat is this, as recounted by Bill Bryson:

“We quickly discovered during illicit forays into the picnic hamper that if you stuck a bunch of Ohio Blue Tip matches into an apple or hard-boiled egg, so that is resembled a porcupine, and casually dropped it out the tailgate window, it was like a bomb. It would explode with a small bang a surprisingly big flash of blue flame, causing cars following behind to veer in an amusing fashion.

My dad, miles away up front, never knew what was going on or could understand why all day long cars would zoom up alongside him with the driver gesticulating furiously, before tearing off into the distance.”

Now that sounds like good old-fashioned fun doesn’t it now?

I doubt I could pull this off though.

I’m already tentative about throwing out banana peels (is it littering?).

Maybe an experiment is in order on our next trip to San Antonio.

If not, well, we will still have just as much fun together without potentially getting arrested.

Which we are quite adept at, I mean just look at our pictures from the zoo.

In the meantime, one more week of the routine, and then my parents are here next week and Ali is off in the afternoons from nanny-ing.

Who knows what fun we might have?


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