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[This post is part of the College: Alphabetized by Album series]

While most of these posts have gone back a few years into my college experience, this one only goes back a few months. I first stumbled onto Animals As Leaders this past spring and was quickly listening to their album on repeat while I was studying/writing.

Animals As Leaders is an instrumental progressive jazz metal trio. This is just another way of saying they reach of a degree of awesomeness only few bands ever even glimpse. They have two guitarists both of whom play 8 string guitars, which eliminates the need for low end from a bass. I think they may use a bass in recording, but the live stuff I’ve seen has been a three piece.

In short, if you like amazing guitar work and enjoy progressive metal sounds but would like to not hear either someone impersonate cookie monster or audition for an opera, then this album is probably for you.

To me, it has the perfect late afternoon sound, and so in my end I envision spring time in Dallas. I listened to this album many a time when I was holed up in the library working on school. Just for reference the view there was usually something like this:

So among other albums, the sounds of Animals As Leaders proved to be a vital soundtrack to my last semester in college. Overall, I think this past spring in Dallas may have rivaled fall of 2006 as most intense semester of school, but only because life had gotten more complex in the intervening years. Not in a bad way, just in a “I’m now a real adult, and I’m married” kind of way. As hectic as fall 2006 was, at least I was living at home, I had a good job and no financial concerns. I was almost too busy to breath and that took its toll on my soul (as evidenced by my poor decision making during that time).

I didn’t however have the feeling that so much was riding on what I was doing, so it was a different kind of pressure. It would be nice to basically swap the two. Have the life stage and location of spring 2011 with the concerns of only getting schoolwork done of fall 2006. Hell would probably be to swap it the other way; have the life stage of 2006 with the stress and pressure of 2011.

Anyway, enough about that. You might get the unfortunate impression that I was miserable this past spring and that wouldn’t be accurate. I had a great last semester in college and I think ended on a high note. I made some great friends, enjoyed classes for the most part and in the end did a great job on everything. We moved away and over the course of summer fully transitioned into life here in Florida. I will be honest, I do like where we are now better than I liked being in school, but I do find myself missing elements of life in Dallas. I’ll get into those more in the coming posts though.

For now, I’m glad I’m finished, and when we got back from our road trip this past weekend, I got this nice souvenir of the experience courtesy of the USPS:

You’d never guess that’s a business card now would you?



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