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May 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

One day, I will have a semi-normal graduation experience.

But not today.

After busting it for 4 years, I am participating the commencement exercises at what my map app calls “The Baptodome.”

Yes, in a technical sense I graduate today from Dallas Theological Seminary.

In a non-technical sense, I will graduate August 5th.

It has become normal for me at least to have abnormal graduation experiences.

Consider my first foray: high school.

I was of course homeschooled, so I graduated in a semi-normal fashion (for a homsechooler), but with a bunch of people I really didn’t know or particularly care to know.

(Digression: I skipped 7th grade, putting me a year ahead, but then I bummed around and had two senior years to lose that particular year and graduate the same year as my public school friends).

A couple of years later, I graduated from Word of Life (after a year) but this was in August, and it was about as normal as it could be, considering I had only successfully completed my freshman year.

This scenario was repeated almost verbatim the next year when I finished second year.

Fast forward two years.

At this point, I for real graduated from college with my bachelors degree.

However, I finished my coursework in mid August, then immediately moved to Dallas and started working on my masters.

So, no actual commencement upon degree completion.

At the end of my first year of masters work, I flew up to Virginia to participate in commencement at the school (Liberty) I had received my bachelors from.

Did I mention I did school online?

I participated in commencement exercises at a school that I only set foot on once during my studies there, and that was during what was my spring break.

But for my lone friend Brandon, I was once again with a multitude of people I didn’t know.

Did I mention the commencement speaker was Chuck Norris?

The only person DTS could get to top that is Jesus.

But, here we are, game time once again.

What is odd about this year is that I haven’t actually finished yet.

For my undergrad, I finished in August, but participated in commencement the following year.

For my masters, I will (hopefully) finish in August, but I am participating in commencement 3 months early.

I guess I’m excited being an already/not yet graduate.

But I think I’ll be more excited when I actually done.

Either way, I doubt whoever DTS booked for commencement speaker will roundhouse kick anyone in the face.

We can surely hold out hope though.


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