How To Not Address Homosexuality As A Christian

May 23, 2012 — 4 Comments

I wouldn’t say there is a wide variety of legitimate Christian responses to homosexuality. However, this is definitely, definitely, not a Christian response. Whatever this guy (Charles Worley) is, he is not a faithful preacher of the Bible, and is voicing a response that is soaked in prejudice and hate rather than Christian love.

The sad thing is, as Denny Burk noted, the media will take this video and make it representative of what typical Christians think. In reality, since this guy seems to prefer eradication over redemption, that puts him way out in left field when it comes to representing faithful Christian thought on the issue. There are many thoughtful and loving Christian responses to homosexuality and this is neither.

As Burk concluded, “Anyone who would talk like this in a sermon is not qualified to be a pastor.” I couldn’t agree more. I hope not only are there enough voices from within the Christian community condemning this poor example of Christian preaching, but that this guy is out of job in the near future.

Unfortunately, that won’t change his heart. He needs to be reminded (or told for the first time) that he needs a gracious Savior just as much as the homosexuals that he so quickly condemns. He belongs inside that imaginary fence just as much as the rest of us, and only by God’s grace do any of us escape.

In the end, this video is a clear representation of how to NOT address the issue of homosexuality as a Christian. It has no redeeming qualities and I hope is unanimously condemned from within the Christian community.


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4 responses to How To Not Address Homosexuality As A Christian

  1. Christopher de Vidal May 23, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    So what are your recommendations for addressing the issue?

    I sometimes say, “even if you take homosexuality off the table, homosexuals will still go to hell because they’ve disobeyed God. Ever lied? Hated?”

    • I think that could be a complete other post in and of itself. I also think the issue is not sexual orientation but worship orientation. If someone has oriented their life around Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior they will go to heaven, whereas those who do not will go to hell, regardless of sexual preference.

  2. I pray that someday we followers of Christ will learn (or remember) that our battle is not against homosexuals, or gamblers, or alcoholics, or abortion drs. or those who get abortions, or…. fill in the blank. I’ll tell you what makes me “pukin’ mad” are people who have a God given platform and should know better! The issue at the center of all this debate is the human condition. Sin. And the good news is that Christ has already addressed it… Our job is to follow after the heart of Christ, not to ignorantly display our opinions…
    Just my 2 cents.

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