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October 6, 2011 — 1 Comment

As a kind of follow up to yesterday’s post, I’d like to encourage you, if you’re fuzzy on this whole “doctrine of the Trinity” business, to pick up a copy of Fred Sander’s The Deep Things of God while its still cheap. Right now its only $2.99 on Kindle! Whether or not you’ve got a kindle, you can still download the free desktop app. This means if you are reading this blog, you have no excuse for Trinitarian ignorance.

If you’d like to know more about Sander’s book, you can read my thoughts here. When I took a class on Trinitarianism my second semester of seminary, it almost literally blew my mind. The main book we read for that class was Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective, which while a bit more academic than Sander’s book, is well worth your time. Also of more academic note is James Anderson’s Paradox in Christian Theology which gives not only a historical overview of the development of doctrinal discussions on the Trinity but gives a cogent, logical defense of the doctrine as well.

Of course it goes without saying you should probably read the church fathers and Reformers like Calvin on the Trinity. But beyond the basic expositions of Trinitarian orthodoxy, it might be worth taking a few months to work through is John Frame’s Doctrine of God. Building on Frame’s work, Vern Poythress shows how the doctrine of the Trinity is the foundation of our understanding of human language and human interaction. I’ve found in general that many of the authors and teachers coming out of Westminster Theological Seminary take Trinitarian theology very seriously, but since they are not counsel members in The Gospel Coalition and do not publish a plethora of popular level books, sometimes their clear and compelling voices are not heard.

(This is my subtle way of suggesting you look into those guys).

Other notable books that I haven’t read, but are highly recommended by people I trust are

Beyond those books you’d have to buy, here’s some posts I’ve made you might want to check out:

Depending on how all the elephant room shenanigans go down, I might just need to start a series reiterating just how the Trinity does change everything.

What do you think?


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