A Rather Vague Introduction

June 15, 2009 — Leave a comment

[This post is part of the Idolatry series]

Let’s be honest.

Reading through pages and pages of my philosophical ruminations can sometimes be enlightening, but on the balance, its hard to find a practical take-a-way from a lot of it.


Some of that is endemic to the nature of what I sometimes write about, however, that shouldn’t always be the case with theology. I mean philosophy, sometimes, but theology?

Should be a little more usable in every day life, right?

With all this in mind, I thought it might be profitable over the summer to take an extended rabbit trail from the philosophical series we were started. For a few reasons:

  1. I more or less lost my train of thought, but then looking at it realized we are left with looking at Metaphysics B: Creature (or a look at anthropology from a heightened philosophical perspective)
  2. I need to do more research before presenting thoughts on the above topic, as well as on the next segment which is Epistemology A: Creator.
  3. I’m taking Anthropology in the Fall, so it makes sense to pick that back up when I’m actually studying it in school and talk about other things now.

So there you have it, now time for a slightly abrupt topic shift, but something that isn’t too surprising given my interest in counseling as well as practical theology.

The direction these next few posts will take also digresses from evaluating NT Wright’s recent book and the conversation about justification, which I’ll probably come back to later in July sometime, but for now, it doesn’t seem to be of much practical interest, judging from the site visits and the searches that have brought up my blog.

Hopefully so far this is sufficiently vague.

The topic is more or less a surprise that will come out in the next post which will be entitled Portraits. It a synthetically inspired idea from a recent album released by a band called For Today, that presents portraits of some of the Biblical prophets as songs. This was coupled with the variety of reading I’ve been doing over the last several months and has coalesced around a single topic.

Add a sermon or two from Matt Chandler and Mark Driscoll and my mind starting gearing up mid last week about possible directions to take in writing about things I’ve been learning and the paradigms I’ve started seeing people with.

I’ve decided it would be a nice change to shoot for more practical and relevant writing on here both for my own personal development but also so that I can hopefully bring the Word of God to bear on you the individual reader as you read the next several posts.

Assuming interest, there will probably only be a small variety of responses to what I will say:

  1. A re-thinking of one’s own self and a critical evaluation of one’s motives and attitudes and hopefully a move toward repentance and renewed fellowship with God.
  2. An offense to some of the language and imagery that will be used to describe the spiritual reality that we’ll be talking through.
  3. A denial that any of this has to do with the truly regenerate Christian because as some have taught in recent years (i.e. John Eldridge), a person’s heart is good post conversion.
  4. An inability to see how any of it applies to you, but a keen ability to see how it applies to others.

These four reactions are not mutually exclusive, a single reader could move through all of them. But I write with each of them in mind. I’ll be trying to be used as an instrument that could bring one to repentance. I’ll be trying to use the language of the Scripture and update it for today but to simultaneously avoid vulgarity. I’ll be trying to expose the lie of the good heart as popularized in such writings as John Eldredge’s Waking the Dead, and finally I’ll be keeping the last reaction in mind first and foremost. If you find yourself responding in the last category as you read what we’ll be talking about, you are probably a very perceptive individual, but you like myself are in danger of being far worse than those you see. For, to be in that category given the subject matter we’ll be discussing is to be the worst offender of them all.

Perhaps it would be ideal for one to move in reverse order through the categories. Initially, you may find yourself having a hard time resonating. Moving backward through the above list, you may find yourself offended before you find yourself moved to rethinking yourself.

Maybe I just gave you the outline for a four part series. But backwards. And without appropriate titles to give you an inkling what we’ll be talking about. Maybe you’ll just have to keep reading to find out. Or maybe I just had a long weekend and stayed up too late composing this intro.

Only time will tell…


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