A Love Story

So here’s the deal.

I usually have no shortage of random thoughts about life to share on the blog, however, about 2 years ago, my life took an unexpected turn when I started dating Ali. 6 weeks later I was at Zales buying an engagement ring and thus went from single to engaged in under 2 months. Many were confused, others were intrigued, and still others thought it was all a big joke (because let’s be honest, no one would really put it past me to do something of that nature). But I assure you, there’s not the slightest bit of jest involved in my love for Ali, and so a good story was in order. Not that I had to manufacture one, as the story itself is quite the epic romance. Plot twists, character developments, long distance journeys, complicated plot lines; you’ll find it all here my friend. Hope that’s informative. Please feel free to comment and aks questions (as my Bahamian RA would have pronounced it) and I hope you enjoy hearing about our little love story (its even better than a Taylor Swift video).

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