A Few Clarifications…

March 10, 2008 — 1 Comment

I suppose it would be a good time for an update, this seems to be a somewhat transitional period in the semester, and maybe in life in general, it’s hard to say.

Anyway, in starting clarifications, I should probably note that the About Me section in my facebook profile was not authored by me. Its a quote from Sancho Panza in the second half of Don Quixote.

So, if it seems amusing, Cervantes came up with it, and also, I am not that conceited about the enjoyability of my presence.

Also, my religious views section is Latin for “faith seeking understanding.” Again, someone else came up with that (Anselm).

Texas drivers are still the worst.

Now by worst, I should probably qualify what I mean. Tennessee has plenty of bad drivers, but that is mainly do to general incompetence.

Florida had bad drivers, but in the reckless sense.

New York, also, had bad drivers, but in the aggressive sense and really not as bad as Massachusetts.

Which brings us back to Texas. Awful. But still to distinguish, it seems to be mainly due to timidity. Some of this is my fault in being slightly aggressive/reckless as I am somewhat of a composite of the previous states I resided in.

But there’s also seems to be a general misunderstanding as to the purpose of separate lanes on 75, the concept of merging appropriately, and I do not need to even mention the carnage that ensues when it rains.

Overall, I would say Texas drivers deserve a C- to a D+ when it comes to driving competence. This is based on navigating traffic frequently and spending too many hours driving under the speed limit in the left lane of a 8 lane highway.

It seems like there were other things that needed to be clarified, but now that I am sitting down to actually sketch them out, I’m drawing a blank.

Let’s see….

I acutally had a somewhat thought process that started here, but it kinda deadended, so I erased and decided to take a different path. Which is highly ironic considering what the rambling was about. So I’m not the only one who knows, the question that was raised was “When do you push through your circumstances and discontentment and when do decide to overhaul things and start afresh?”

You probably see the irony now.

Anyway, I’m gonna wrap this up so I can see Juno with some of enigmatic one-liners that I wrote in previous blogs.

Mainly because I’m somewhat narcissistic in that sense and am proud of what I’ve written before.

Anyway, here’s some thought nuggets making for a rather odd patchwork blog:

Narrowly avoiding the mistake of a lifetime changes your perspective quite a bit, but I wouldn’t recommend the process. (5/26/07)

My life has many eerie parallels with itself, maybe someday people will be interested enough to read about them in print. (5/19/07)

Learning contentment in whatever lot your life becomes is not easy, but if you can do it, it makes everything else infinitely more enjoyable. (5/11/07)

Life’s not a bed of roses, but who would want to sleep on thorns anyway? (4/2/07)

In an extremely related story, clarity has been attacking me with a vengeance lately and the brutality of it is quite refreshing. (3/28/07)

In many ways I think I am photosynthetic, or at least my positive emotional affect is. Luckily, I do not contain chloryphyll (more like boryphyll) so I am not green. (3/19/07)

My body has been acting strangely lately, I’m not sure what’s gotten into it. Well I take that back, I am fully aware of what’s gotten into, I’m just trying to get whatever is causing problems out of it. Wish me luck on that one. (2/5/07)
That’s all for now, but I stumbled across a good blog of mine from last fall (’06 actually), which I may re-use here.

Until then…


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I’m an avid reader, musician, and high school Bible teacher living in central Florida. I have many paperback books and our house smells of rich glade air freshners. If you want to know more, then let’s connect!

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  1. I think you’re officially the most random person I know. haha. I love it. Especially this quote. I may steal it. ” Life’s not a bed of roses, but who would want to sleep on thorns anyway?” Nice.


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