9 Books Up for Review

September 3, 2011 — Leave a comment

Freed from my seminary reading list restraints, I find myself so well trained that I just have to keep reading theological books. You may have noticed this based on the reviews that have been posted here in recent weeks. I’ve found that publishers have been very generous, and pretty much every book I’ve requested has been sent my way.

What I’d like at this point is some feedback from you the reader on what you’d like to see reviewed sooner rather than later. Some books listed below will have review posted whether you like it or not during a certain week because they are part of a blog tour. Several though are up to you to pick. No input means that I’ll just do what I like, which is usually the case anyway, but at least this way, you at least have a say in what I write on here.

That being said, here’s the great books I’ve got in my hands that need a review:

I’ve decided already that Historical Theology and The Biblical Counseling Movement will be worked through in multi-part series. Later on, probably in the spring, I’ll work through Grudem’s Politics According to the Bible, just in time for the wind up of election season.

One way or the other, because of blog tours, you can expect these reviews over the next month:

There may be a book or two I am forgetting, or possibly one or two I requested that haven’t shown up yet. I am planning on additionally working through the Re:Lit, New Studies in Biblical Theology, and Christian Worldview Integration Series, but those will be long term projects.

So what do you think?


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