8 Resources For Changing Lives

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Some of the most influential books I’ve read are pictured in the stack above. I was first introduced to Ed Welch during the last class in my second year at Word of Life Bible Institute. His book, When People Are Big and God Is Small, is not only in the top of the stack here, it’s the top of my stack of life-changing books on practical theology. Reading Welch’s books lead me to discover David Powlison who has profoundly shaped the way I understand pastoral care and counseling. It was only a matter of time before I discovered Paul Tripp, and I would put his Instruments In The Redeemer’s Hands at the top of my list of books every small group ought to have read.

Thanks to Westminster Bookstore, you can get the whole set of books in the Resources For Changing Lives series for just over $50:

If you’re a small group leader, or consider yourself involved in pastoral care, you definitely need to have read or be reading these books. This is a great opportunity to get them all at a cheap price, and even if you don’t want the whole set, each individual title is heavily discounted.

Beyond the titles picture above, I’d encourage you to look into other books by Powlison and Tripp especially:

Really any authors connected with CCEF are top notch, but I’ve been especially impacted by Welch, Powlison, and Tripp. I hope you’ll take this chance to add some of their books to your library so they can do the same for you!


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