8-Bit Philosophy: What If You Could Get Away With Anything?

A ring that makes you invisible? Sounds familiar right?

Author: Nate

I'm an avid reader, musician, and high school Bible teacher living in central Florida. I have many paperback books and our house smells of rich glade air freshners. If you want to know more, then let's connect!

1 thought on “8-Bit Philosophy: What If You Could Get Away With Anything?”

  1. As Plato says in the Republic, it is better to be the crucified just man & to be just, than to be a wicked man who is falsely reputed to be just. The just man is happy – the wicked man cannot be happy. “I rejoice in my infirmities”, as St Paul says. STM Plato was “not far from the Kingdom of God”.

    To profit from doing evil would be its own punishment – to be a sinner is the only true sorrow, because sin is the only evil. The notion that the wicked man with the ring is happy because he can do anything he wants, seems to imply a false notion of freedom: to do evil makes us slaves of our evildoing; true freedom is found in slavery to God, not in the unlimited self-assertion of the man whose wrong-doing is hindered by nothing.

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