8-Bit Philosophy: Is Trump The End of Politics?

January 20, 2017 — Leave a comment

Yesterday on Instagram, I promised a post on predestination and free will. Rather than get all controversial, I thought I’d post about Trump and politics instead. At this point, he has been inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States (technically 44th person to hold office though because Grover Cleveland). This video was from back in February, when it was still somewhat doubtful he’d get the nomination, let alone win. However, I think some of the themes hit on in this video help explain some of what transpired in the past 11 months. In slightly PG-13 fashion, and with an assist from French Marxist philosophers, it helps explains the conditions that would lead to the rise of a politician like Trump. In an age of political theater, truth isn’t what it used to be and frankly, isn’t what people seem to be looking for in the first place.

You can see that to some extent even in the evangelical world by looking at comments and such on this article by John Piper (you can see the comments on FB or Twitter). Many people seem to fail to grasp basic reading skills, much less simple logic and the ability to offer cogent arguments. They also seem pretty reactionary and volatile for no particular reason (or in some cases, petty reasons). I think it’s a much needed article from someone, who like myself, didn’t support Trump back in the fall. It offers wisdom and guidance for living under less than ideal circumstances. We should be thankful for men like John Piper, not quick to dissect and disagree with them when they don’t say things that immediately line up with our own thinking.

While more could be said on this topic, I’m not particularly interested in doing that at the moment. If you like these kinds of videos, you might also want to watch this one and find out if President Trump is a fascist, since that might drastically affect the next four years of your life. And regardless of what you think after watching it, pray for your new President whether you like him or not.


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