6 Big Books I’m Plodding Through This Year

January 10, 2013 — Leave a comment

I learned my lesson from last year. Instead of 13 books I’m planning to read through, here are 6 books on the larger side that I’m “plodding” through:


Foundations of Soul Care: A Christian Psychology Proposal by Eric L. Johnson


A Puritan Theology and Meet the Puritans


Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith by Douglas Groothuis


The New Testament: A Historical and Theological Introduction by Donald Hagner

large OdenClassic

Classic Christianity by Thomas C. Oden

Now, by “plodding” I mean that I intend to slowly read each of these books this year. But, and this is the key, I have no set pace. The goal is to absorb and reflect, not check off that I’ve completed a reading schedule. There is nothing particularly wrong with reading schedules, but I tend to echo Barnabas Piper’s sentiment that it feels kind of like homework.

So, in working my way through these, I’m just picking them up when I feel the urge and reading a chapter, or more, who knows? I’m about 10 chapters into Hagner, 5 into Groothuis, 2 into Beeke’s Puritan Theology, and I’m just cherry picking individuals in Meet the Puritans. As for Foundations of Soul Care, I’ve index surfed a bit and read the opening chapter, and in Classic Christianity (which you should more about here) I’m doing background reading for a doctrine class I’m teaching at church.

None of these are for review, they are all my purchases, believe it or not (but not during the current 90-day book ban, mind you). I may review if you ask really nicely, but you’ll definitely get some book bites as I make my way through.

Hopefully this will all result in a more enjoyable time reading this year, and I think (think) that I’ve learned from some of last year’s mistakes!


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