4 Online Journals You Should Know About

December 6, 2012 — 4 Comments

Yesterday, the latest issue of Themelios was published and there’s some good reading to be had in there. Andreas Kostenberger’s The Present and Future of Biblical Theology stands out for one, but there’s also 68 book reviews!

Themelios is a great catch-all online journal (especially when it comes book reviews) but it’s not the only journal you can access online.

You can also read The Journal of Biblical Counseling online, and I would highly recommend it (and pretty much anything the main contributors write elsewhere).

Also recently published is the Journal For Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, which has several interesting articles this time around, like John Piper’s “Let Marriage Be Held in Honor”— Thinking Biblically About So-Called Same-Sex Marriage.

Lastly, and only in its second issue, there is The Journal For the Evangelical Study of The Old Testament which so far is off to a promising start (and has its share of good book reviews as well!)

I don’t necessarily read each of these journals religiously, but they are the online journals I’ve found most helpful. The only print journal I get is JETS and that’s because it comes with my membership.

What are some journals you read online, and what would you recommend?


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4 responses to 4 Online Journals You Should Know About

  1. Thank you. An invaluable wealth of information.

  2. Thanks. I didn’t know JESOT launched. Philosophia Christi is a good one too, but I don’t think it is free online.

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