12 Books I’m Looking Forward to Tackling in 2012

January 9, 2012 — 8 Comments

There’s certainly going to be more than 12 books I read in 2012, but these are by far the biggest books I’ll be reading and wrestling with. Some of these will be spanned across the entire year and read at slow pace of a few pages each week. Others will be finished between now and Easter (you can probably guess which ones those are). Some of these I just recently purchased, some are from publishers and will eventually have reviews, and others are just books I’ve had and haven’t really given them a proper read thru yet. All of them though are dense, lengthy books that deserve a deep read. It might overly ambitious to try to tackle all 12 of these, but I think it’s better to shoot high and then scale things back as needed.

Anyway, here’s my 12:


The Theology of Jonathan Edwards

Salvation Accomplished By The Son

Jesus and the Victory of God

The Resurrection of the Son of God

God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgment

The Doctrine of the Christian Life

The Doctrine of God

Systematic Theology

The Theology of B. B. Warfield: A Systematic Summary


Dogmatic Theology

Van Til’s Apologetic: Readings and Analysis

Paul: An Outline of His Theology

If you’re wondering how I plan to get through all 12 of these, let me know and I’ll share the spreadsheet with you.


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8 responses to 12 Books I’m Looking Forward to Tackling in 2012

  1. I promise I’ll read whatever you want, if you but add one chapter, the first chapter, of one book, a small one, also by B.B. Warfield to your list, if you haven’t already read it! “The Plan of Salvation” — Chapter 1 Autosoterism. It’s great stuff.

    • I’ll definitely get to that! Probably this summer when I’m in the soteriology section of both the Warfield book and my other reading as well.

  2. Nate – Are you having conversations with yourself?

    I had put Wright’s Jesus and the Victory of God on my reading list for the past 2 years. Didn’t get to it, so I took it off this year. Will be funny if I do get to it this year. In the end, I feel like I “know” the thrust of Wright. I love him, but I think I have his theology under wraps after reading about 4 of his books.

    • Scott,

      It does look like that doesn’t it? I think I fixed the problem though. For some reason I had picked my own picture as the default gravatar. Oops!

      I think I’m in the same boat as you after reading all of Wright’s books on Paul. For this one and Resurrection of the Son of God, I got them as review copies, so one way or another, they’re getting read soon!

      The book in this series that is focused on Paul is supposed to be released some time this year, so I’m more or less gearing up for that my reading the other books in the series, though I would anticipate his book on Paul to just be a more systematized presentation of what he’s written elsewhere.

  3. I would like to see the spreadsheet of how you are going to get through these. Also, do you have a reading plan for Grudem’s systematic theology?

    • Steven,

      I’ll work on getting the spreadsheet up sometime this week. Some of the books aren’t on there yet (Hamilton’s, Ridderbos, Bahnsen, or either Frame book), but will be. Some aren’t on there, but are either just a chapter a week kind of thing (the Edwards book) or a chapter a month kind of thing (the Warfield book). Shedd’s book is a reading plan in Logos. I’ll post what I’ve got for Grudem, but for our reading group we aren’t planning on starting it until March.

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